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Spinning Overview

Pak Kuwait Textiles Ltd. currently consists of approximately 84,000 spindles. Our diverse product range includes 100% Cotton as well as various blends of Polyester / Cotton yarns the yarn counts ranges from Ne 10/s to Ne 120/s.

Our goal is to produce consistent quality yarn at the most competitive prices. In order to achieve this goal we have selected some of the best combinations of machinery from around the world to fully equip our various production processes. Throughout its history of 22 years Pak Kuwait has established a reputation of being a high quality yarn producer. This has put us at the top of the course to medium count knitted and woven yarn market in Pakistan and various foreign markets. Our yarn is renowned for its consistent quality and excellent backup support worldwide by hosiery, garment and woven fabric manufacturers alike.

Our production facilities are constantly maintained and upgraded to keep them at par with the latest developments in textile machinery worldwide. Online quality checks and controls ensure a consistent quality of yarn is produced 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Another most crucial factor in achieving and maintaining our high quality is by carefully selecting the best raw material for production. We utilize Pakistani as well as Egyptian (GIZA), US (PIMA and Upland), Australian and CIS cotton. Each yarn count is planned according to its suitability to the type of cotton and the Spinning Unit best designed for its production.

In order to continue producing high quality yarn we have spent a great deal of time and money into research and development. This has consisted of many hours spent within our research labs as well as at the customers’ premises. Over the years we have developed working relationships with many of our customers for our mutual benefit. We continue to satisfy our customers by implementing their feedback and our research into our products in an on going basis to achieve higher quality yarn with each passing year. We also make an effort to build more flexibility into our production facilities to produce an even greater variety of yarn.

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